Gebräuchliche Abkürzungen in Mail, News und Chat in Langform:

AFAIC     As Far As I'm Concerned
AFAIK     As Far As I Know
AFK       Away from Keyboard
ALAP      As Late As Possible
ANFSCD    And Now For Something Completely Different
ASAP      As Soon As Possible
BBIAM     Be Back In A Minute
BBL       Be Back Later
BI        Breidbart-Index zur Berechnung von SPAM
BOT       Back On Topic
BRB       Be Right Back
BTC       Biting The Carpet
BTW       By The Way
CFV       Call For Vote
CU [L]    [see you [Later]]
DAU       Duemmster Anzunehmender User
DNI       De.Newusers.Info 
DNQ       De.Newusers.Questions
DOC       De.Org.CCC
DSH       Desperately Seeking Help
ECP       Exessive CrossPosting (siehe auch BI und SPAM)
EG        Evil Grin
EMP       Excessive Multiple Posting (siehe auch BI und SPAM)
EOD       End Of Discussion
FAQ       Frequently Asked Questions 
FUBAB     Fouled / Fucked Up Beyond All Belief
FUBAR     Fouled / Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition / Repair
FWIW      For What It's Worth
FYI       For Your Information
GFC       Going For Coffee
GVV       German Volunteer Votetakers
HAND      Have A Nice Day
HF        Have Fun
HYCH      Hope You Can Help
IANAL     I Am Not A Lawyer
IIRC      If I Remember/Recall Correctly
IKYABWAI  I know You Are But What Am I?
IMCO      In My Considered Opinion
IMHO      In My Humble Opinion
IMNSCO    In My Not So Considered Opinion
IMNSHO    In My Not So Humble / Honest Opinion
IMO       In My Opinion
IRL       In Real Life
KUTGW     Keep Up The Good Work
LMFAO     Laughing My Fucking Ass Off
LOL       Laughing Out Loud
MEG       Mega Evil Grin
MMF       Make Money Fast (Siehe auch SPAM}
MOTSS     More Of The Sameold Sameold 
NB        Nota bene
NEM       Nothing Else Matters
NNTP      Network News Transfer Protocol
NRN       No Reply Necessary
NTK       Need-To-Know
OT        Off Topic
OTOH      On The Other Hand
PITA      Pain In The Anatomy / Ass
POTS      Plain Old Telephone System
RFD       Request For Discussion
ROTFL     Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLBTC  Rolling On The Floor Laughing and Biting The Carpet
ROTFLMAO  Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
RTFF      Read The Fucking FAQ
RTFM      Read The Fucking Manual
SCNR      Sorry, Could Not Resist
SFMJI     Sorry For My Jumping In
SHTSI     Somebody Had To Say It
SNIP      Lautschrift: Hier wurde der Vorgängerartikel gekürzt
SPAM      Spiced Pork and hAM (Synonym für ungefragte Werbung)
TANJ      There Ain't No Justice
TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TIA       Thanks In Advance
TNTC      Too Numerous To Count
TPIBTCATM The Problem is between the Chair and the Monitor
TOT       Totally Off-Topic
TTFN      Ta-Ta For Now
UCE       Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (siehe auch SPAM)
UDP       Usenet Death Penalty (siehe auch SPAM)
Usenet    USErs' NETwork Internet
VEG       Very Evil Grin
WRT       With Respect To
YAFIYGI   You asked for it, you got it

In der Newsgruppe dsrm gibt es relativ kryptische JSA (Juristen Standardantworten).

Nepal im Mai 2000.

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